BMI formula

Here is BMI formula if you don’t want to use our BMI Calculator and calculate body mass index manually. It is very simple: Imperial or English BMI formula: BMI = [weight_in_pounds / (height_in_inches * height_in_inches)] *703 Example: weight = 145lbs, height = 6 ft 1 in (ie 73 inches) and BMI = [ 145 / … Continue Reading

BMI chart for men and women

These Body Mass Index tables are produced using World Health Organization BMI classification. According this classification: BMI Normal weight 19-24.9 Overweight 25-29.9 Obesity level I 30-34.9 Obesity level II 35-39.9 Obesity level III ≥ 40 BMI chart for men and BMI chart for women are the same. Select metric or imperial chart or use this … Continue Reading